Tables & Chairs

Trestles 1.8m (6')Seats 6
Trestles 2.4m (8')Seats 8
Trestles 3m (10')Seats 10
Round 180cm (6') diameterSeats 10
Round 150cm (5') diameterSeats 8
Round 120cm (4') diameterSeats 6
Oval - Moulded 110cm (3'6") x 80cm (2'6")Seats 6
Square 75cm (2'6") 
Square 60cm (2') 
Round Moulded 80cm (2'6") 
Round Moulded 96cm (3') 
Banquet Table 2.4m x 1.2mSeats 8
Banquet Table 1.2m x 1.2mSeats 4
Stainless steel bar table 
Red FoldingNon Padded
PatioWht or Grn Moulded (with arms)
Patio - ChildrensAsstd Cols Moulded (with arms)
BistroWhite Moulded (without arms)
Black FoldingPadded
Covers and sashes
Stainless steel bar stools
Padded Black and chrome bar stools 
Ottoman - 2mvarious colours

White damask cloth - all sizes
White satin Bridal frill - various sizes
Chair covers and sashes
Table Napkins - White Damask
White satin cake table frill
Clothes Line Cover
Garden Umbrellas - Green & White or White
Garden Umbrellas - Coloured
Market Umbrellas
* Umbrella prices include stand