Crockery - White Cutlery - Stainless Steel Silverware
Plates - 150mm, 180mm (6",7") - Round Knives - Large, Entree, Fish Wedding Cake Knife & Lifter Set
Plates - 150mm, 180mm (6",7") - Round Knives - Large, Entree, Fish Wedding Cake Knife & Lifter Set
Plates - 230mm, 255mm (9", 10") - Round Forks - Large, Entree, Fish, Cocktail, Cake Candelabra - Single Branch
Plates - 210mm, 230mm (8", 9") - Oval Spoons - Dessert, Soup, Sweet, Tea Candelabra - Three Branch
Bowls - Soup, sweet Splades Champagne Bucket
Cups & Saucers
Coffee Mugs
Coffee Cups & Saucers (Short Black)
Trays - Polished wood 37cm x 48cm (14.4" x 19") approx
Ice Buckets - Aluminium + stand to suit
Team & Coffee Pots - Large Aluminium
Ice Drums - Holds 4 dozen bottles
Disposable Tableware
Cutlery - deluxe ivory Plastic table cover - 1.2m x 30m roll
230mm plates - various colours Foam drinks cups - 225ml
180mm plates - various colours 125ml wine
340ml bowls - various colours 125ml champagne
215ml cups - various colours 230ml cocktail
210mm x 300mm white oval plates 185ml wine/parfait
160mm x 230mm white oval plates 200ml tumbler
2 ply Luncheon napkins 285ml tumbler
Quilted dinner napkins Shot glasses
Plastic table covers - round or rectangular Stemmed wine sampler/shot
Other GlasswareDrinking Glasses
Carafes 700ml (24oz) approx Beer 200ml (7oz) Pilsener
Beer/Water Jugs 1140ml Beer 285ml (10oz) Conical
Ash Trays - small & large All purpose 200ml (7oz) Gala Goblet
Salt and/or pepper (unfilled) Sherry, Port, Liqueur
Milk Jugs Wine (5oz, 6oz, 7oz), Champ - saucer style, small cocktail
Cream Jugs Champagne (fluted style), large cocktail
Sugar bowls/Jam Dishes Whiskey, Hi Balls, Talls
Butter Dishes Savoy Goblet, Brandy Balloon, Stemmed Pilsener
Stemmed Sweet or Cocktail Dishes
Candlestick Holders
Vases - small, medium, large
Salad Bowls - small, large
Punch Bowl with Ladel and Cups
Casserole Dishes
Platters - Plain OvalTrays
25cm (10") 35cm (14")
30cm (12") 40cm (16")
50cm (20")
56cm (22")
66cm (26")
Large Serving Spoons
Carving Sets
Wedding Cake Knife - Plain Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel with Bone Handle
Salad Servers
Salad Tongs
Sponge or Pavlova Servers
Gravy Boat